Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fair Fun

First let me say that I am really lame when it comes to post titles. And as former advertising agency employee I am very disappointed by this. Seriously. I lost my brain storming disappeared sometime in 2008. Perhaps someday it will reappear.

Anyway, the county 4-H fair was last weekend and I took the girls out there twice. We went with my sister Karen and her family, and my cousin Jeff and his family. The kids loved looking at the animals which was cute. They especially loved the petting zoo.

Baby Violet had a view from her car seat/stroller.

My niece Grace checking out a baby chick.

Grace and her daddy.

Miss Madeline posing. What I didn't realize is that her hand was on the key. Right after the photo she started the gator! I'm glad she didn't drive away.

My cousin Jeff's little boy, Christian, taking a turn at the wheel.

Zella and Gracie always hang onto hands. Love that!

Checking out the pigs.

We had a great time. The girls were so grown-up compared to last year!

More later,