Thursday, March 27, 2008

House Sick

Well our streak of poor health is continuing. Winter has taken a toll on our little family unit! We have been sick on and off since December and are now experiencing the flu. Again.

Madeline got sick last night twice and then two more times today. Zella started throwing up this afternoon and got sick three times. Madeline felt so bad she actually took a nap. (She stopped taking naps at 17 months...she's only taken a nap 7 times in a year and a half!) So I know she really doesn't feel good.

Poor girls.

I hope that if Travis and I also get sick it will be soon because we are supposed to leave for Mexico on Thursday!

Madeline often gets car sick and is no stranger to throwing up. So this morning she kept saying, "I'm car sick." Then she thought about it and realized she wasn't in the car. She then decided she was "house sick".

I hope you and yours and healthy.

More later,

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter pics

Happy Easter!

Hello all. I hope you had a great Easter.

The girls had such a fun morning. We had an Easter egg hunt (Zella sat down after picking up two and shook them until the candy fell out.) and then opened Easter baskets. I asked Madeline if she was ready to look in her basket and she said, "Lets rock-n-roll!" She's funny.

Then we got dressed up for church. Zella loved her Easter hat and Madeline thought her pink gloves were pretty cool.

We met some of my family at parents, sister Karen (with MN & Grace) and twin Lisa (with Chris + their 7 kids). The girls all looked so pretty in their Easter dresses.

We went out to eat at the country club and then hung out with the cousins at my parents' house. All in all a good day.

We sure missed everyone though! I hope your Easter was as blessed as ours.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Coloring Easter Eggs

Madeline's Special Day

Grandma Marker (Trav's mom Stacey) came last Saturday night to a fulfill a promise she made when Madeline was potty training. She promised to take Madeline to get her nails polished and to buy her a pony.

Madeline was so excited for her special day with Grandma on Sunday. They went to Mason City and got her nails polished. (Pink with a white flower on each thumb nail). Then they went shopping for a new Barbie and a My Little Pony. Madeline also got to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. She was ecstatic!

Sunday night after we said her prayers she whispered, "Mama, it was NOT your special day. It wasn't Zella's or Papa's or cousin Katelyn's special day. It was MY special day with my Grandma Marker."

Right before she fell asleep she whispered, "I met the Easter Bunny today! Can you believe that?"

That kid cracks me up.

She was so proud to show off her nails all week. We had a great time with Grandma. Zella loved spending time with her too.

Can't wait until next time!
More later,

Water-park Pictures

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last Week

Hello all. We had a fabulous time in Dubuque at the Grand Harbor Resort and Water park. Travis liked the managerial training and learned a lot. The girls and I liked spending about 4 hours a day at the water park. The girls also liked eating breakfast and lunch in the hotel room. They thought it was great fun to have a picnic on the floor with a "fancy" (read: vinyl) tablecloth.

Many of you know that our kids do not like to ride in the car and often get carsick, so the 3 1/2 car ride was tricky at times. I'm happy to report no puking thanks to an adjusted dosage of their medicine.

Madeline was having a rough day before we left and decided she did not want to wear a shirt in the car. So she just wore an undershirt the whole way there and covered up with a blanket so she wouldn't be cold. It's all about choosing your battles, people, and we didn't want to start out our trip badly.

**UPDATE** um, yeah she wore pants. I cannot believe you guys think we wouldn't make her wear pants! I mean it was only like 20 degrees outside! And yes she wore her coat to and from the car.

Okay, back to the story.

Madeline loved the slides, I loved the lazy river, and Zella spent the whole time quacking like a duck. I brought rubber ducks for her to play with and she kept yelling "Duck" and "Quack quack" over and over. Travis loved the scary slide and I tried to stay away from it.

We had a great time. I'm so thankful that we were able to go along with Travis. Gotta love a free vacation. Thanks 5 Star! :)

Hope all is well. I'll post pictures tomorrow.
More later,

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Happy Reunion

This has been a crazy week! One week ago today my sister Karen, brother-in-law Chris (AKA MN) and niece Gracie returned from Scotland. The best part is they are now living in Britt. Hooray! We are now only ten blocks away from each other.

It was a very happy reunion with the girls. It's hard to believe Gracie is only 8 weeks older then Zella! She is so tall!!! And that hair!!!!! I'm sure Zella will pull it out of jealousy. ha ha :)

Karen and MN have been adjusting to the time change and have been renovating their house this past week. So I had the pleasure of watching Gracie while they painted. We had so much fun! She is trying to adjust to the commotion and volume level of her cousins. :) It's been fun watching them play together. I'm so thankful they will get to grow up together.

On Thursday my brother Kurt, sister-in-law Christa, nephew Severin and niece Gabby came back to Britt for my Uncle's funeral. We went to the funeral in Minnesota Friday and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out. It was great to see everyone and I'm thankful Uncle Howard is no longer in pain.

Sevy and Gabby are so tall (do you think that's from their 6'3" dad or 6' mom)? They are both so good with the girls.

I tried to add photos but it is not letting me. I will have to try to add some before we leave.

I am tired. It's been a whirlwind week and now we're headed out of town tomorrow. Travis has managerial training which happens to be at a hotel with a waterpark inside! Woo hoo! He went to the first part of the training in early December and we went along. And thankfully we are able to go along for part two as well. Super fun times.

I will post pictures of the waterpark when we return.

Have a great day!

More later,