Friday, March 21, 2008

Madeline's Special Day

Grandma Marker (Trav's mom Stacey) came last Saturday night to a fulfill a promise she made when Madeline was potty training. She promised to take Madeline to get her nails polished and to buy her a pony.

Madeline was so excited for her special day with Grandma on Sunday. They went to Mason City and got her nails polished. (Pink with a white flower on each thumb nail). Then they went shopping for a new Barbie and a My Little Pony. Madeline also got to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. She was ecstatic!

Sunday night after we said her prayers she whispered, "Mama, it was NOT your special day. It wasn't Zella's or Papa's or cousin Katelyn's special day. It was MY special day with my Grandma Marker."

Right before she fell asleep she whispered, "I met the Easter Bunny today! Can you believe that?"

That kid cracks me up.

She was so proud to show off her nails all week. We had a great time with Grandma. Zella loved spending time with her too.

Can't wait until next time!
More later,