Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Overheard at our House

Madeline is going to preschool next month. I was reading her the list of supplies...colors, glue sticks, paint shirt, etc. The last thing on the list was a box of Kleenex. She became very excited and said, "Mama, will I get to blow my nose at preschool?" Geez. If she's excited for that, wait until they fingerpaint!


Madeline was getting ready for bed last week. She still wears a pull-up at night but I had forgotten it upstairs. So I told her that we would put it on once we got upstairs. She went to say goodnight to her Papa (Travis) and wanted to sit on his lap. I told him she didn't have any underwear on.

He said to her, "So what do you have? A bare butt?"

She replied, "PAPA! I don't have a bear (bare) butt, I have a little girl butt."

Too cute.


I walked into the toy room and overhead Madeline telling Zella, "From now on call me Princess, okay?"

Zella now calls Madeline Princess 90% of the time. Silly girls!

Long Time No Blog

Hello all. I took an unforseen blogging break. We're having a busy summer! A lot has been going on and I have many pictures to share once I get a chance.

But the BIG NEWS is that we are expecting baby #3! We are ecstatic and a little nervous now that we will be outnumbered by our kids. I am 12 weeks along and due in February. The girls are very excited! Madeline told Zella she would teach her all about being a big sister (that should be interesting).

There have also been a lot of "firsts" this summer...

*Zella got her first pair of "big girl" glasses. They have cables that go
around her ears instead of a strap.

*Madeline is going to Bible School for the first time. She loves it!

*Zella finally grew enough hair to wear "piggies" (pig tails). She demands
them every day!

*Madeline is signed up for 3-year-old preschool which starts at the end of
August. We debated sending her but decided with another baby on the way,
it will be good for her. She is ecstatic. It's twice a week for 3 hours.
Zella and I will miss her!

*Zella and cousin Gracie went with Madeline, Aunt Karen and I to Alvin and the
Chipmunks movie yesterday. It was the first movie for Zella and Gracie. It
was so cute to see them clapping and smiling (not to mention cheering) when
the movie began. Karen and I weren't sure if they would even watch it because
neither of them have watched more than 10 minutes of TV before. Zella was
entralled until the last 15 minutes. Then she kept yelling, "I'm done!".

*We watched Grandpa Neil participate and WIN the "Mystery Bag Cooking Contest"
at the county fair. I'll have to post pics and details of that later.

Hope your summer is going well!

More later,