Friday, March 25, 2011

Songs In My Head

This is Violet's very favorite song to dance to.  I tried to record a video of her dancing to it but she would stop dancing, shake her hand at me and yell, "NO PICTURES MAMA!"

So you are stuck with this video.  Warning:  it is a really dumb video.  Like, really dumb.  But the song?  Vi's fav.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guess What I've Been Doing? Part 2

I have barely posted this month.  Since my last post we had another round of illness but are FINALLY feeling healthy. 

Unfortunately my computer has been on the fritz but I seem to have used my limited knowledge luck to have fixed it.


I am trying to get back into the swing of things after being in sickville for so many weeks.  I have a BIG to-do list before the baby arrives in early September.

Does that sound crazy?  To already have a to-do list?



Listen, people.  It is not going to be pretty around here in August.  I am going to be hugely pregnant. 


Did you know my last baby weighed over 9 pounds?  I looked/felt like I was carrying a 15 pound baby.

Have I ever mentioned that I am generally crabby in August?  Sad, but true.  I do not handle heat/humidity well.  (And that is when I am not preggo.)

So.  The point of this long ramble is that my morning sickness has finally cut down to about half of my day instead of the whole day.  I really need to get some things done now because I can't count on hard-core nesting in August.  I plan on spending August in a swimming pool/sitting in front of a fan in my air-conditioned house.

Before the "great" illness marathon this month I decluttered my entire kitchen.  I only have the rest of my house to go.

I made of goal of being done by Easter (except for the unfinished basement) and I hope I can make it.

The hardest part of decluttering for me is going through toys.  The girls have SO MANY toys.  And they play with them on a very regular basis.  But it just seems like too much.  Do they really need 40 Barbies?  (That is kind of embarrassing to admit.  And that is AFTER I donated some Barbies they don't play with as often. Madeline and Zella each got like 7 or 8 Barbies last Christmas from various family members.)

So I ask you, how many are too many?  How do you declutter your kids' toys?  What are your limits?

I really want to get this under control before baby #4 arrives and my house is inundated with a baby swing, bouncy seat, play mat, and infant toys.

Any suggestions?

(End of rant/ramble)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guess What I've Been Doing?

Going crazy, that's what.

The girls have been sick sick sick for two weeks.


(Well, except for last Friday.  They all felt ok that day.  Otherwise?  SICK.)

We're talking throwing up every 20 minutes for 12 hours (Zella), temps of 105/tonsillitis/ear infection/influenza A (Violet), RSV for Madeline etc. etc. etc.

All while I hurt my back and could barely move.  My wonderful husband saved the day by taking two days off work to help.  He was Mr. Mom and didn't complain once.  Really. 

Am I lucky or what?

We are finally on the mend.  Only Zella is still sick (influenza A last week, RSV this week).  She is starting to feel better though so the end may be in sight.

I have been crabby cranky impatiently waiting for my 24/7 morning sickness to lessen.

So to wrap up, we are all crabby and hope to be healthy one day.

All kidding aside, I still have a lot to be thankful for.  I get to have another baby, we have great health insurance, and Trav's job is flexible enough to allow him to help out when needed.

There are always blessings if you look for them.

I just had to look a little harder the last two weeks.  :)