Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guess What I've Been Doing? Part 2

I have barely posted this month.  Since my last post we had another round of illness but are FINALLY feeling healthy. 

Unfortunately my computer has been on the fritz but I seem to have used my limited knowledge luck to have fixed it.


I am trying to get back into the swing of things after being in sickville for so many weeks.  I have a BIG to-do list before the baby arrives in early September.

Does that sound crazy?  To already have a to-do list?



Listen, people.  It is not going to be pretty around here in August.  I am going to be hugely pregnant. 


Did you know my last baby weighed over 9 pounds?  I looked/felt like I was carrying a 15 pound baby.

Have I ever mentioned that I am generally crabby in August?  Sad, but true.  I do not handle heat/humidity well.  (And that is when I am not preggo.)

So.  The point of this long ramble is that my morning sickness has finally cut down to about half of my day instead of the whole day.  I really need to get some things done now because I can't count on hard-core nesting in August.  I plan on spending August in a swimming pool/sitting in front of a fan in my air-conditioned house.

Before the "great" illness marathon this month I decluttered my entire kitchen.  I only have the rest of my house to go.

I made of goal of being done by Easter (except for the unfinished basement) and I hope I can make it.

The hardest part of decluttering for me is going through toys.  The girls have SO MANY toys.  And they play with them on a very regular basis.  But it just seems like too much.  Do they really need 40 Barbies?  (That is kind of embarrassing to admit.  And that is AFTER I donated some Barbies they don't play with as often. Madeline and Zella each got like 7 or 8 Barbies last Christmas from various family members.)

So I ask you, how many are too many?  How do you declutter your kids' toys?  What are your limits?

I really want to get this under control before baby #4 arrives and my house is inundated with a baby swing, bouncy seat, play mat, and infant toys.

Any suggestions?

(End of rant/ramble)