Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guess What I've Been Doing?

Going crazy, that's what.

The girls have been sick sick sick for two weeks.


(Well, except for last Friday.  They all felt ok that day.  Otherwise?  SICK.)

We're talking throwing up every 20 minutes for 12 hours (Zella), temps of 105/tonsillitis/ear infection/influenza A (Violet), RSV for Madeline etc. etc. etc.

All while I hurt my back and could barely move.  My wonderful husband saved the day by taking two days off work to help.  He was Mr. Mom and didn't complain once.  Really. 

Am I lucky or what?

We are finally on the mend.  Only Zella is still sick (influenza A last week, RSV this week).  She is starting to feel better though so the end may be in sight.

I have been crabby cranky impatiently waiting for my 24/7 morning sickness to lessen.

So to wrap up, we are all crabby and hope to be healthy one day.

All kidding aside, I still have a lot to be thankful for.  I get to have another baby, we have great health insurance, and Trav's job is flexible enough to allow him to help out when needed.

There are always blessings if you look for them.

I just had to look a little harder the last two weeks.  :)


Jessa said...

I didn't know you're pregnant! That's wonderful; congratulations! When are you due? You must still be 1st trimester since you mentioned morning sickness.

You have a great attitude. We were sick with colds last week, and that plus too many days inside plus too little exercise equaled a crabby and blue Jessa. It always does help to count our blessings! (The hard part is remembering that when you're in the thick of it.)

Lori said...

Thanks Jessa. I'm 15 weeks. The morning sickness is starting to slow down a bit thank goodness.

We had another round of illness after I posted this. We are finally feeling better, thank goodness.

Hope all is well!