Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Violet Leone

I Will Survive

Every night after I get the girls to bed I think to myself that I need to update the blog. But the need for sleep always seems to outweigh my desire to blog. ;) I have been living on 2-3 hours of sleep for the past few weeks so I'm sure you can understand.

I think I turned a corner today and I actually feel like I might be able to take care of a preschooler, toddler and newborn by myself right now. Travis will be home soon to help!

I actually got 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night (woo hoo!) can finally breastfeed without wanting to cry (I won't elaborate on that--I don't want to traumatize any acquaintances who read this blog) and managed to successfully get Madeline ready for preschool this morning without having to call poison control (let's just say Thursday morning was a BAD BAD morning).

Am I making any sense? No? Well, that's what you get from a sleep-deprived mama of three.

Highlights of the past three weeks with a new baby:
* Violet is sweet. And adorable. And sweet. Did I mention that?

* Madeline and Zella ADORE her and want to hug and kiss her all the time. They are both great with her.

* Travis was her for her birth!!!! We are so thankful for that. If she is crying really bad I call Trav and he talks to her over the phone. She calms down immediately! Such a papa's girl already.

* Travis had a couple days off work when I got home from the hospital. He was such a great help!

* My mom took off work and helped us out after Travis went back to work. I literally don't know what I would have done without her! The girls loved having Granny here and I thanked God for her 100 times a day.

* Aunt Karen and Gracie also saved the day many times for us the past few weeks. They always seem to know when we need company or when I need a break! We have had a lot of fun and it is fun to see how much Gracie loves Violet.

* Madeline and Zella call Violet Biolet because they can't say their V's yet. Too cute.

* Violet loves to snuggle and smiles a lot.

Lows from the past three weeks with a new baby:
* Travis had to leave for training in Portland again. Madeline literally begged him to stay and so it was very hard on him.

*Madeline has been mad at him for leaving and has really been acting out. She bit (!) Zella on the back and left a huge bruise. She has never done that before so I was shocked. She has also had a really rude attitude towards me but I know it will pass.

*Zella is also adjusting to a new baby AND papa being gone. She has been hitting and generally disobeying. Zella is the reason I had to call poison control last week. She either ate acne cream or put it up her nose. Luckily everything was okay. She just needs some extra attention. This too shall pass, right? RIGHT?

* Violet is a very good baby in general, but usually cries for a couple hours in the middle of the night.

*Zella has been waking up at 4 or 5 am every day. Usually right after I get Violet to quit crying and finally have a chance for myself to go to sleep. Hence the 2-3 hour of sleep average.

Travis comes home on Saturday for 1 week. Then back to Oregon for a week. And then he is done!!! He "graduates" from training on March 27th. It's hard to believe we are almost done with the 12 weeks of training. We can't wait for him to be home! He has been very homesick and we have been missing him so much. We are just not meant to be apart!

Hopefully this posts makes some sense. I am going to posts pics of Violet as soon as I can. (Although she just woke up crying so who knows.)

Thanks for all the well wishes!
With love,