Thursday, March 27, 2008

House Sick

Well our streak of poor health is continuing. Winter has taken a toll on our little family unit! We have been sick on and off since December and are now experiencing the flu. Again.

Madeline got sick last night twice and then two more times today. Zella started throwing up this afternoon and got sick three times. Madeline felt so bad she actually took a nap. (She stopped taking naps at 17 months...she's only taken a nap 7 times in a year and a half!) So I know she really doesn't feel good.

Poor girls.

I hope that if Travis and I also get sick it will be soon because we are supposed to leave for Mexico on Thursday!

Madeline often gets car sick and is no stranger to throwing up. So this morning she kept saying, "I'm car sick." Then she thought about it and realized she wasn't in the car. She then decided she was "house sick".

I hope you and yours and healthy.

More later,


Dru's mom said...

The girls are so big now! I got your blog address from Stacey. Here is Dru's
Take care,