Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

*My last year of college I worked four jobs: manager at The Limited (clothing store), office assistant at Des Moines Bolt Supply, hostess at Nacho Mamas restaurant and my work study job, front desk attendant at the boys dorm. Somehow I still found time to study and hang out with my friends. I live on about the same amount of sleep these days, but I'm not nearly as productive!

*My favorite number is 8.

*Zella stripped down to her diaper twice in public the other day. And I was standing right there, but couldn't get to her fast enough. She's quick!

*I am one of those people who high-fives. It annoys Travis but he doesn't leave me hanging.

*I don't like salad dressing and very rarely eat it. My brother-in-law is freaked out by this.

*Lately Travis prefaces stories and e-mails with, "Don't put this on the Internet." Is that funny or kind of sad?

Have a great weekend!