Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

*I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last five years (minus two months last year, in between weaning Zella and becoming pregnant with Violet). Crazy!

*I am not good at many sports. (too klutzy) I am good at badmitton and water skiing. Oh, and jacks. I am crazy good at jacks. But I don't really think that's a sport. Oh well.

*Travis is good at a lot of sports. Especially basketball and baseball (although it has been a long time since he's played either).

*I used to sing in a lot of weddings. A lot. I wasn't the best singer but I enjoyed it. I was only 14 when I sang in my first wedding. Now I would rather break my arm than stand up in front of others and sing.

*My husband would laugh at that last fact. Why? Because I am always, always singing around the house, to the kids, in the shower, while driving. And I seldom realize I am singing out loud until he points it out to me. But singing for the family is different having a bunch of people staring at you. Clearly.

*I did a lot of voice over work when I worked for an advertising agency right out of college. They didn't have to pay me anything extra and I liked doing it because it was fun. I did a couple commercials but mostly in-house stuff for GuideOne Insurance Group. I was the voice on their CD-ROMS for new agents.

Enough randomness. Have a great weekend!