Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Fact Friday: The Mommy Brain Edition

So there is this phenomenon that pregnant women and mothers of young children experience. It is called mommy brain and it is hitting me big time with the addition of baby Violet. I feel like I am losing my mind! Just a couple of brain dead things I have done lately:

*My mother-in-law called and asked me what I was doing last month. I told her I was about to get on the road and she asked where I was going. I said, "Duh! I'm on my way down to spend the night for Kate's bachelorette party!" And she said, "Duh! It's not this weekend!" She thought I was kidding, but it turns out I had the wrong date. I didn't write it on my calendar wrong, I just lost a week of time somehow.

*I changed Zella's diaper last week and realized I had put it on wrong. Not backwards, but INSIDE OUT. And somehow it lasted overnight and did not leak. I am still not quite sure how that happened.

*I was cutting up strawberries for the girls to have with lunch and I ended up putting the strawberry tops (with green leaves) on their plate and threw away the actual strawberries.

*I was walking out of the garage and ran right into the garage door. I hadn't pulled it all the way up. I hit my head so hard I fell on the ground! I still have a headache two days later. (okay, so maybe this one isn't just mommy brain...I'm kinda klutzy)

*In the last five months I have accidentally turned on the oven instead of setting the oven timer about five times. I have accidentally set the oven timer instead of turning on the oven twice.

And last but not least,
*I washed my face at night with TOOTHPASTE instead of face wash. Gross.

There were a couple more dumb things I did, but I can't remember them. Surprise, surprise. It's called sleep deprivation, people, and it's not pretty.

Have a great weekend!