Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The 4-H Fair

Every year we spend as much time as we can at the local county fair. It happens to be right here in Britt and the girls love seeing the animals. This year Papa was on a deadline for a big newsletter so he worked from home while I got the girls out of the house. He did get to go with us on Sunday, the last day.

Friday we checked out the animals and rides with my friend Cassie and her daughter Amelia and son Isaiah. We spent a lot of time with the pigs because those were Zella's favorite. Madeline liked the bunnies best and almost had her Papa talked into getting one. (I promptly reminded Travis that we were going to have another baby. Soon. And I am NOT scooping poop out of rabbit cages on top of having a newborn. I did enough of that as a kid!)

They had a petting zoo which was a big hit. We watched my dad and his friend in a mystery cook-off contest (pictures of that to come).

We also ran into Aunt Gayle, Uncle Louie, Cousins Sarah and Jayson and ate supper together. The last picture is of Zella and Uncle "Ooee" as Zella says.

All in all we had a great time.