Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Madeline Goes to Preschool: Part Two

Did you miss the post with all the adorable pictures of Madeline on her first day of preschool?

Okay. Now that you're all caught up...

What did Zella, Violet and I do while Madeline was gone?

Zella and Violet took naps and I actually had an hour of alone time!!!!! (I don't think that has happened since Violet was born). Because I've already had three people e-mail to ask, I'll have you know I spent 30 minutes watching a TV show I had recorded, and 30 minutes cleaning. But hey, I enjoyed the cleaning because the house was quiet and I got a lot done.

When Zella woke up we made chocolate chip cookies for an after school snack. Zella's favorite part was licking the beaters. We missed Madeline but will find fun things to do while she is at school.

Mama and Zella.

Zella was such a big helper!

Her favorite part.

Miss Violet, watching the fun from her high chair.