Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fair Fun: Part Two

I know, I know. Again with the brillant post title. What can I say.

As I posted before, we went to the county fair this year. The girls were excited to show Travis all the animals they had seen earlier in the week.

Violet enjoyed the view from her car seat/stroller once again.

Every time Zella got near the animals she just giggled and giggled.

Checking out the pigs...


The inflatable rides were a highlight for the girls. Zella's short little legs made a lot of the rides difficult.

Travis had to give her a boost.

She made it to the top! But wait, there was a glasses malfunction.

"No problem, Mom. I'm a big girl! I can fix them myself!"

And now for the best part.

Madeline loved the obstacle course.

Almost to the top....

She screamed the whole way down.

Zella *wanted* to like the bouncy house, but she cried every time she got in.

Madeline striking a pose in the cow barn.

More later,