Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

*Travis and I bought this house three years ago this week. It was the ugliest living room and dining room I had ever seen. Seriously! It is amazing what new flooring and some paint can do!

*When I was a kid I was such a bookworm that I got in trouble multiple times for reading in school. Isn't that weird? Who gets in trouble for reading?

*Travis and his friends used to hunt before and after school. They would leave their guns in their trunk while in school. That is #1, a little red neck (oh, honey, just embrace it!) and #2 would not happen at schools today.

*One of my pet peeves is when people spell the word weird wrong. It is not spelled wierd. I know the rule is "I before E except after C", but this is an exception, people.

*Having said that, my grammar is terrible these days. I know i used to proofread for a living, but man it's been a long time. So I'll overlook misspelled words, if you overlook improper comma placement (among other things).

*When Travis and I lived in the loft we had birds. Beautiful pink birds that loved to sing to me. They actually didn't like Travis much (probably because he cleaned their cages). I was sad to get rid of them, but once Madeline started crawling around it was too hard to keep up with the mess. She wouldn't stop trying to eat the bird seed they threw out of their cage. I would love to have them again someday.

Wow. That was really exciting stuff, huh? I should call this RANDOM fact Friday. ;)

Have a great weekend!