Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

*Zella has the shortest name but the most nicknames. We often call her Zel, Zella Bella, Zel Bel, Zee, Zellie, Tutti Frutti and Kippy.

*One of the first words Madeline could say was "pretty". She called everyone and everything pretty. It was a very pleasant phase.

*Travis and I only had one 13" TV when we were first married. And we kept it in our hall closet. We also didn't have a TV when we were truck drivers. We watch a lot more TV these days, probably more than we should.

*I used to have a pet newt. But it died during the summer I lived in the dorms because it was so hot.

*That was the summer I literally lived on homemade tortillas (free leftovers from the Mexican restaurant I worked at) with spaghetti sauce.

*Travis once spent 12 hours in a row at Menards. He was getting everything he needed to renovate our house that he completely gutted. It was a very expensive trip!

Have a great weekend!