Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun Fact Friday: The Hobo Edition

Hobo Days are this weekend and we have been living it up with the hobos for a couple weeks now. Some random facts:

*The first property we bought was above the Hobo Museum. The hobos would block the door with a park bench constantly and I had a hard time getting them to move out of the way. It was kind of a pain, although it was nice to listen to their music.

*Our current home is across from the Hobo Jungle. What is the Hobo Jungle? Well, it is where the hobos camp out and stay. Apparently we must have a "hobo connection" to buy property here.

*When we lived above the Hobo Museum we had to go across the street to take our dog Josie to the bathroom. The park had a gazebo and Travis would often walk Josie around it. One day in July he was walking Josie really early in the morning, and Iowa Blackie, a well-known hobo, jumped up from the gazebo and yelled good morning to him. Travis jumped a mile and Iowa Blackie laughed and laughed.

*Everyone around here will know who I'm talking about when I mention Iowa Blackie by name. Us Britt folk know all the hobos.

*When I was a kid one of my favorite parts of Hobo Days was the flea market. I saved all my money to buy handmade Barbie doll clothes. I also bought disappearing ink every year.

*Stretch, the current Hobo King, came over yesterday when I was outside and told me the hobos were having a meeting. Apparently there are some rowdy people here this year and Stretch had to break up two fist fights. He said he would like Travis to come to the meeting because Trav is, (and I quote) "A hobo at heart." Yup. That's why I married him. ;)

*Zella has a hobo name. For reals. Two years ago she was baptized a week before Hobo Days. We heard a knock on the door and Travis yelled to me, "Lori, come out. All the hobos are outside." Um, okay. So we went out and they told us they would like to honor Zella for her baptism. They took a long stick and performed a naming ceremony for Zella. Her hobo name is "Little Miss Soggy Bottom". They said a speech and touched the special stick to both of her shoulders. It was very sweet, actually. Then they took a picture with her and gave us a certificate with her hobo name, signed by the hobos. (Apparently these hobos are very technologically advanced. They had a digital camera, laptop and printer.) It was a very sweet gesture and something she will impress her friends with someday.

Here is video of a story CBS did on hobos last year. If you look very carefully for a split second you can see our house.

And if you can't watch videos, here is a click here to read the story.

Have a great weekend!