Thursday, July 1, 2010


It seems like at the end of the day there is always something I could have done differently.

I could have done more.

I could have had MORE patience.

More fun.

Done more of the things the girls like to do.

Accomplished more of my to-do list.

Been a better spouse.

A better friend.

A better person.

Given more.

Been more open.

More honest.

Just been MORE than I am. What I know I could be.

But tonight I sit here after learning about the death of my babysitter's sixteen year-old brother. An accident. Senseless. And it terrifies me that I may be MORE-ing my life away.

I have three beautiful, hilarious, quirky wonderful children.

I GET TO stay at home and take care of them.

I GET TO be married to my best friend.

I don't ever want to forget how amazing that is.

Tonight I am going to fall asleep praying for Kellie and her family, and thanking the Lord for mine.