Monday, July 19, 2010

My Monkey

My little monkey is very sassy and has a mind of her own.  (i.e. STUBBORN)

Violet is such a monkey!  My 17 month old daughter climbed and then FELL  (crashed, really) out of her crib yesterday.  She just keeps trying to get out so we had to set up the toddler bed for her.  Already.

Did I mention that I am not ready for this? 

When Madeline was Violet's age she did the same thing.  Once we put her in the toddler bed she never took a nap again.  Well, she DID take a nap, but only five naps in one YEAR.  And those were when she was sick.

And we had a newborn.  And Madeline was only 19 months old.  AND SHE DIDN'T NAP.  EVER.

It is as fun as it sounds.

So I am feeling very apprehensive.  I know it doesn't mean that Violet will give up naps.  But what mom is ready for her 17 month old baby to not sleep in a crib?

Wish us luck.