Saturday, July 24, 2010

Five Things

Five things that exhaust me:

  1. A teething baby who is getting two teeth and two molars on her bottom gums.  Poor thing has been battling a fever and a host of other unpleasant teething problems.  She can't sleep. Doesn't want me to set her down. Poor baby!
  2. Listening to Madeline and Zella argue and tattle on each other all day.
  3. De cluttering.  Will I ever be finished?  (This is definitely more mental than physical!)
  4. Buckling three squirmy girls in and out of their car seats.  Madeline can usually do hers, but for some reason it keeps getting stuck.  This may not seem like a big deal, but to me, it can make or break my mood.  If Madeline and Zella could buckle themselves I could conquer the world.  No, seriously.  I really could.  No not underestimate the importance of self-buckling!
  5. Walking to/from the grocery store and trying to grocery shop with three loud, sometimes yelling, sometimes singing/happy girls.  (This is also more mental than physical.)  They are used to going to the grocery store with me all the time, but for some reason they have been so hyper lately.
Numbers 2-4 on this list wouldn't exhaust me if #1 wasn't occurring.  Because I would be getting sleep and for me that is usually all it takes.