Sunday, November 15, 2009

Three Truths and a Lie

Have you ever played this game? I'll post four statements. Three are true and one is a lie. You guess which is the lie.

In the past four days:

1. Lori fell (slipped on a coat left on the floor) while holding Violet.

2. Travis fell off a ladder while working on his studio. He was trying to wire a light and lost his balance.

3. Zella fell and hit the french doors in our living room. She went limp and had to be taken to the emergency room.

4. Madeline fell down the stairs late at night. She also fell in the church pew. She tripped over Aunt Karen's feet and hit her head and nose.

So who are the klutzy members of my family?


The lie is #2. Thankfully Travis did NOT fall off a lady. Unfortunately #3 IS true and our sweet little Zella had to go to the emergency room. She had the biggest goose egg/bruise on her forehead I have ever seen! She was twirling around in the living room and lost her balance. She hit our french doors very hard. I picked her up and she went limp in my arms and her eyes started rolling.

I called my sister and she came over in record time. (Especially for having to bring two little kids with). Travis met me at the emergency room. Luckily she was back to herself relatively quickly. She is such a tough little girl. We are so thankfully it wasn't something serious!

It is pretty safe to say that the girls inherited my coordination (or lack thereof).

More later,