Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

*I call the evening meal supper, but Travis calls it dinner. I call the noon meal lunch or dinner. Who is right?

*Travis often calls me "Captain Obvious" because I am always stating obvious things. Like, "Oh, it's raining outside." or "This food is hot." Captain Obvious strikes again!

*I love Halloween. I usually dress up to take the kids trick-or-treating. Last year I was pregnant and really showing so my options were limited. I wore an orange shirt of Trav's and cut out a jack-o-lantern face out of black construction paper. I used tape to attach it to my baby bump and went as a pumpkin.

*In third grade I dressed up as Cyndi Lauper . It was my favorite Halloween costume EVER. I resembled this:
Okay, not really. But it was still an awesome costume. Who doesn't love Cyndi Lauper? (Don't answer that.)