Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hiking at Pilot Knob

Two weeks ago the weather was beautiful. My sister, nieces, parents and our family went on a picnic and a two-mile hike at Pilot Knob. We used to go there a lot as kids and it was fun to take my girls up to the tower. Some photos:

My sister Karen and niece Lily.

Grandpa Neil recruited Madeline, Zella and cousin Grace to stuff Travis with leaves.

The little ones needed some assistance. My sister Bonnie had to carry her daughter Claire most of the way.

Madeline and her Papa.

From left to right: Sister Bonnie and Claire, Me and baby Violet, Granny and Zella, Sister Karen, Grace and baby Lily.

Granny and Grace.

Our family at the top of the tower. The girls were too scared to look over the edge.

Bonnie and Claire.

Grandpa Neil and Zella.