Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miss Violet

I know I keep mentioning the coughing.  But.  Oh. my. word.  The coughing has been ridiculous. 

I keep having coughing fits and Miss Violet will drop whatever she is doing to run over to me and say,

"You okay, Mama? You okay?"

She is an absolute sweetheart when she does this over and over each day.

She puts her hand on my back or face and gets such a serious look in her eye.

"You okay?"

And although this is a true picture of a little angel, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the flip side.  I mentioned that she "drops whatever she is doing" to come and check on me. 


The "whatever she is doing" is generally naughty.  Climbing on the dining room table and piano, pulling hair, stealing toys, throwing her baby and baby bottle at our heads, etc.

She is a wild one and I am exhausted.


Then she comes over to me with such concern and care.

"You okay, Mama?"

Yes, Violet  I am.

Violet and Mama. Feb. 2010