Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five Things

Five things I love about decorating the Christmas tree:

  1. Zella exclaiming !!!! how each ornament is VERY SPECIAL to her.  She declares a special memory for each ornament even if it isn't hers and she wasn't born when we got it.
  2. Madeline recalling how COOL preschool was as she places the ornaments she made on the tree.  It was so COOL she made a reindeer out of toilet paper tubes.  And so COOL she made an ornament out of beads and a jello cup.  Now that she is older and likes to HANG OUT it is so COOL to see what she used to do when she was little.  (Sometimes she is 5 going on 13)
  3. Watching Violet hang four ornaments from a single bubble light instead of a tree branch.  It was her first time hanging ornaments and she thought it was very COOL and SPECIAL.
  4. Travis wearing a Santa hat doing his job....handing the ornaments out to each girl and telling them about when we got them.  We always collect an ornament when we travel. 
  5. Giving each girl Christmas pajamas at the end of our tree decorating party. They were almost as excited as I was.

    Zella and Vi
  6. Zella and Madeline reaching high
    Papa is the official ornament hander-outer
    Mama and Violet
    Five ornaments on one branch.  A new record!

Merry Christmas!