Tuesday, September 28, 2010


in laundry.  Still.  We got home from a camping mini vacation on Sunday and I am STILL doing loads of blankets/sheets/sleeping bags/towels/clothes that smell like campfire. 

We had a great time though.  I have been so tired/busy that I haven't even uploaded the photos to my computer yet.  Sooooo unlike me.

I'll share soon. 

Oh, and Violet has kicked her rambunctious personality into high gear.  I have literally been chasing her for the past week.  (Literally.  Chasing and lifting her down from things she has climbed up on.)

Oh, and Madeline gave me a half hour complain-a-thon about why she needs a cell phone of her own.  SHE'S FIVE PEOPLE.     


Lord help us.

Oh, and Zella has decided that hitting is an acceptable form of communicating her displeasure.  Um, no.  But on the bright side she makes up hilarious songs and sings them to me several times a day.

Oh, and we have a fun weekend planned for our 11th anniversary and so I must catch up on laundry and sleep.  (And patience, per usual.)  (And yes I actually say "per usual" in regular, everyday conversation.  Ask my sister Karen.  I probably say that to her at least twice a day.)

Ok.  Enough randomness.  Back to your regularly scheduled Internet browsing.

Yours sincerely,
(At Trav's work they have to write "Yours sincerely" at the end of each e-mail.   I think it is hilarious and am stealing it for the blog.)