Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Don't Remember...

the last time I was this busy.  We have been going non-stop for a couple weeks.   Mostly fun activities but some stress. 

For instance, my baby has been teething.  Except...instead of calling it teething I would rather call it constantscreaming/crying/tantrumthrowing/drooling/yelling/tickedoff/throwingthings/fever/rash/diarrhea/ hell.  I feel bad for her.  (And my patience.  I feel bad for that too.)  Poor kid gets wrecked over each tooth.  And right now she's getting two molars and two teeth at the same time.  I hope she feels better tomorrow.

Fun stuff:  county fair, surprise visit from Grandma Marker (Trav's mom) and niece Katelyn for a few days, Hobo Days/ 200 person family reunion/family party for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary.

Hopefully I can get caught up on the blog once school starts next week.

More later,