Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy 40th Anniversary!

My parents are celebrating their 40th (!) wedding anniversary today.  We celebrated with them last weekend when my family was home for Hobo Days.  Unfortunately my brother Kurt and his family were only here for a couple hours.  Christa's Grandpa died and they headed back to Indiana right away.  We were so sad they had to say goodbye to Grandpa Irv, and that they had to leave.

The rest of us went to church together and had a party for my parents afterwards.  Just us. There was a lot of good food and a lot of laughter (as usual).

Some pics:
40 years!
Solien Family (Older sister Karen)
VandeLune Family (Twin sis Lisa)
Hiscocks Family (little sister Bonnie)
The Clendenen Family (goofballs)
Jack & Patti
 (Jack is like a brother to me, he lived with our family when I was younger)
We had fun but missed my brother, Christa and the kids.  When we are together again we are getting a professional family photo taken of all of us  Can't wait!

You don't often see marriages last this long these days.  Congratulations to my parents for riding out the highs and the lows to get to the big 40 years!  They have been an amazing example to me and my siblings.  I love you both.