Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ask Lori Answers Part 2

What is your least favorite part of parenting? And your fav part?

My least favorite part of parenting is discipline.  It is hard to always be consistent.  And who wants to referee he said/she said fights all day?

It is hard to choose one fav thing about being a mom.  I love watching their personalities grow and develop.  It is fascinating.  I could never hear "I love you Mama" too much.  Oh, and if snuggling were a sport the girls and I would be gold medalists. 

What kind of job did you have before you were a sahm?

I used to work in public relations. First for an advertising agency in Des Moines, and then as the PR manager at United Way of Central Iowa. It was fun because at a non-profit I got to do a little of everything.

Do you ever miss having a job outside the home?
Ultimately, no.  I miss some things...writing and designing, planning events.  I miss having uninterrupted conversations with adults and being "in the know".  Oh, and the paycheck.  There have been soooo many times that would have come in handy!

Yet I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.  And luckily Travis has always wanted that for our family too.  We have had to make a lot of sacrifices but it has all been worth it.  I am very thankful and lucky to be at home with the girls.