Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Catch Up

Time keeps moving whether or not I want it to.  Whether or not I take photos, consciously make memories or blog.  And I suppose that is alright, although I so enjoy checking out old photos or taking a peek at past blog posts to remember what we were doing a year ago. 

So what having we been doing since APRIL when I last blogged?


Two recitals (Zella's tumbling and Madeline's dance), last day of school, my brother's 40th birthday party/visit, Travis traveling on four separate work trips (two for a week long) in six weeks, move to a twin bed and new paint job for Violet's room, trip to the pediatric opthamologist in Des Moines (good news for Zella and Madeline), fixing up Mommy's room (keep out!), massive decluttering (early nesting?), a mini camping vacation, a SCARY ambulance ride and hospital stay for Violet, a growing baby boy (hooray!), and lots of hugs, kisses, fights and arguing.  And lots of fishing for Papa and his girls.

Did I miss anything?


Although I may not get caught up on blogging about ALL of the above, I will post soon about Violet's hospital stay.  She is alright luckily, but I definitely want to share a public service announcement (as Trav would say) about what happened.  I am still a little traumatized and so is she, honestly.

The baby is doing great and is very active.  If this is a preview I will be a very busy mama this Fall! 

So a busy month and a half condensed into a few small paragraphs. 

More later,