Friday, March 12, 2010

The Return of Fun Fact Friday

I'm a little rusty, but my brother's in-laws have been waiting for the return of fun fact Friday and who am I to disappoint? (Hi Cheryl!)

*I once sat on a bee's nest and got stung on my butt and my thumb. I know this is strange, but the nest was under a porch swing. I still have a scar in both places from the stinger.

*Did I mention I'm slightly allergic to bees? My thumb swelled to three times its size. And my butt? Well it's still a little swollen. (Or is that from too many cupcakes?)

*When I sat on the bee's nest we were at our fishing cabin in northern Minnesota. We had no Benadryl and were far from a doctor. My grandpa Delbert said that mud would help draw out the poison and he was right. Although I'm sure I was quite a sight with mud on my butt and my huge thumb stuck in a bowl of mud. At least it worked!

*I also have a bit of an unbelievable bee story, but I assure you it is true. When I lived in Des Moines Travis and I went shopping at the mall in February. We were at Younkers at the cash register paying for our purchase. All of a sudden a bee flew up my shirt and stung me in between my breasts. A BEE. Up my shirt. In February. I let out a yelp and Travis and the store clerk looked at me like I was crazy. But I assure you I was not. We had to hurry and get some Benadryl so I wouldn't swell. I learned that night that Benadryl makes me VERY sleepy. I fell asleep in the mall and Travis had to carry/drag me out to the car.

*Apparently this version of fun fact Friday should be called "Lori is windy and tells long stories instead of short facts." Or, "Lori's past experiences with bees". Fascinating, right?

And because the return of fun fact Friday was inspired by my brother (and it would be weird if I kept talking about BEES) I will tell a fun fact about him...

* When Kurt was in high school he went on vacation at the fishing cabin. He was roasting a marshmallow around the campfire and it started on fire. He went to blow it out but the fiery marshmallow got stuck on his forehead instead. He ran to the rain barrel and stuck his head in to put the fire out. I think he still has a scar.

He may or may not consider that a fun fact. But it makes for a good visual, doesn't it?