Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Back (insert manical laugh here)

I am typing on my new laptop (a fabulous birthday present from my husband). I am so happy to be back online! I have a lot to catch up on the blog. It is my journal/scrapbook of sorts and I am anxious to post pictures of Christmas, Zella's third and Violet's first birthday.

Where to begin???

Well, first off I'd like to congratulate my husband for being promoted to Site Manager. He has worked very hard and we are SO proud of him! I'm so thankful he has a job that challenges him. I like to think of him as a professional problem solver. :) Somehow we took a roundabout road to end up right where we wanted to be....Travis at a job that he loves and me at home with our kids. We don't let a day go by without being thankful!

We have a busy week but hopefully I can get caught up. To tide you over here is a photo of the three cutest girls I know.

Aren't they cute? Lots more photos to come!

Hope all is well with our family and friends who check in with us.

More later, Lori