Friday, October 23, 2009

Violet's Baptism

Last Sunday Violet was baptized. It was really special because her cousin Lily (my sister Karen's daughter) was baptized too. We had Zella and her cousin Grace baptized on the same day also. We love that the girls were able to share this together.

We unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the girls together or with my parents (?!?!). We'll have to put them in their baptismal outfits and try to get a few shots. My photos didn't turn out all that great but I'm hoping my sisters have some that did.

Being a goofball for the camera.

Papa and his girl.

Sweet baby Vi.

Our family.

Violet with her godparents, my twin sister Lisa and her husband Chris.

Mama and Vi.

My sister Karen, BIL Chris (Minnesota) and niece Lily.

Not the best picture of Trav, but had to include it because
Violet was waving to the camera with her pinkie. Silly!

The Clendenen family (some of them). Trav's sister Carrie, her two daughters Katelyn and Lauren, and Trav's mom Stacey (otherwise known as Grandma Marker).

Katelyn and Madeline snuggling.

Violet rocking the big bow with her Grandma Marker.

Cousin Lauren and Violet.

We had a reception after church and celebrated with our families and some friends. We wish my brother and his family, Trav's sister Kate and her husband and Grammy could have been with us! We had a great time and are so thankful the girls have so many who love them.

Thanks, mom and dad for all your help with the food. We couldn't have done it without you!

More later,