Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Little Cheese with my Whine?

I have been sick for over a week. Ugh. It started with my left jawline swelling and feeling tender but that was it. Then it turned from a virus into strep throat. It took two doctor visits and a prescription for 15 days of antibiotics before I started to feel better. I am still exhausted much of the time but the fevers and chills are finally gone. (I had a fever for four days straight!) Violet has a cold and now Zella is coughing and not feeling good.

Travis has been great helping with the girls but had to work late a lot last week. He doesn't feel very good either. I have been trying to get my house put back together. It may take years. Every time I clean something two little tornadoes undo it all. Life as a mom I suppose.

Whenever I get crabby I just look at the beautiful peach roses my husband sent me for our anniversary. They are opening up and are gorgeous.

I hope your week is healthy and happy!