Friday, January 9, 2009

One Week Down (Almost!)

Travis left last Sunday for training and it was very hard to say goodbye. The weather was awful and my dad was kind enough to drive to the airport in Minneapolis and back. A 2 1/2 hour drive turned into four hours on the way there, and three hours on the way home. Thanks for helping a emotional pregnant lady out, Dad!

It was very hard to walk away from Travis in the airport. At least I got to go home to our girls! I think in a lot of ways this separation will be harder on Travis than on me. He made it to Oregon safely and started his training on Monday.

The training is going to be very intense but he is looking forward to the challenge. There are 15 new hires (for management) that are going through the training at the same time. Travis probably has the least experience amongst them but he enjoys being the underdog. :) He is looking forward to learning more about wind technology. He is also excited to go to a mini version of crane school (he is a little dorky too, huh?).

Trav's first cousin Stephanie and her husband Aaron recently moved to Oregon. They live about an hour and 20 minutes from Portland. Travis is spending Saturday with them and driving to the coast to see the ocean. Can't wait to see pictures! He told me he needs to study all day Sunday.

The girls and I have had a long week. Madeline seems to be taking his absence a little harder than I thought. (Well, I thought she would take it hard, I just didn't think it would be the first couple days.) Zella seems to be doing okay. I am missing him terribly, especially at night after the girls go to bed. Like I said before, we are not meant to be apart.

My family has been keeping us busy this week...THANK YOU! I really appreciate all the support and prayers we've received. I have a whole new appreciation for military families who have to be apart!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but there is a possibility that Travis could do some of his training in Ventura(18 miles away). When he told them I was 8 months pregnant they suggested he do some of the training at the Ventura site. We are hoping and praying but don't know for sure yet. Send good thoughts our way!

I'm still trying to get my e-mail working properly and everything reinstalled on my computer. Hopefully I can get things fixed and share pictures soon!

More later,