Friday, August 9, 2013

Time Flies

Someone once told me that when you're a parent the days are long and the years are quick.  They were right! Our long summer days have flown past and school is about to start soon.  I looked around this blog last night trying to find a particular photo and I got sucked into the past.  It was so fun to read all the little things about daily life with the kids.  It made me want to blog again to document this awesome time in our lives so here I am.

I am just going to pick up where I am instead of trying to play catch up.  But I WILL tell you one major thing that has changed since I blogged in January.  NO, we are not having another baby. :)  We MOVED to an acreage on the edge of town in Britt.  That is right, people.  A FARM in town.  Best of both worlds!  We moved in April/May and it has been crazy busy.  We love it at our new place!

A blog comeback would not be complete without photos...

So what's new with you?