Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School Shopping

When Madeline started school we started a tradition of going on a "special day" to go school shopping.  It is something we all look forward to each year!  We get to shop, eat lunch, laugh and just hang out together.  Oh, and we ALWAYS take lots of photos. 

Thomas enjoying his first Icee and silly straw.
He is not old enough for preschool (thankfully!) but he got to get a treat on a recent trip to Target.

Madeline is going into second grade this year.  She is excited for art class and being in the same class as her best friend.  She is a little nervous about homework.

Madeline and Mama on our lunch date.

Two goofballs.

Zella will be in first grade.  She is excited about, well, EVERYTHING.  Because Zella that is just how Zella is.  She is nervous about not having her best friends (cousin Gracie and Kiera) in her class.

Zella and Mama

Rock stars!

Violet will be in four-year-old preschool this year four mornings a week.  She is excited to see her "boyfriend" Riley almost every day.  She is nervous about being away from mama because she wants to stay with me FOREVER and never ever move away.  She had very specific instructions for our photos:
Cheers Violet!

Silly faces

Now show me angry!

"Now eat French fries!"

This summer has been a little crazy to tell you the truth.  There have been moments when I have been ready for school to start.  But now that the time is here I am going to miss them like crazy!  What a privilege and honor to get to stay at home with this four crazy kids.  Thomas and I are not going to know what to do with ourselves during our quiet mornings.  (On second thought, *I* will still be here and I'm not that quiet.  Neither is Thomas for that matter!)

Good luck girls!