Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things I've Done Since I Last Blogged

*Went to a hotel by myself with all four children (Travis had to unexpectedly go to a funeral visitation.)

*Developed a cyst on the top of my foot (on the tendon).

*Fell down an entire flight of stairs in my house.
  Three days of awful pain.  I could barely move and could not stand up straight.  And of course this happened while Travis was gone.

*Survived a week alone with the kids 24/7 while Travis was in Colorado for work

*Took Violet to a pediatric hematologist to confirm she doesn't have a rare blood disorder that we knew she didn't have.  (At least Travis and I had a fun overnight trip to Iowa City with just Violet and Thomas while Madeline and Zella stayed with Granny)

*Managed to not cuss at the Sears repairman who told me it would be over two weeks before my washing machine was fixed.  (STILL waiting for parts.  I detest Sears.)  I did, however, tell the repairman that I was going to take a deep breath so I would not cuss at him. 

Things That Need to Happen SOON Before I Lose My Mind:

*have washing machine fixed

*Have Violet's tonsils removed (she just had strep AGAIN!)  Now that we are cleared from the hematologist I NEED to have the surgeon schedule her surgery.  Poor girl is miserable.

*Have the cyst disappear so I can walk and exercise without pain

*Have Thomas sleep through the night.  Mama needs some SLEEP.

Hilarious Things That Happened to Lighten the Stress I've Felt The Last Month:

*The podatrist thought I was a serious runner who overexercises for hours a day.  Not to be mean to myself, but there is no way I look like a runner.  I informed him I hurt my foot walking 30 minutes a day on the treadmill and dancing to MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This" on the Wii.  (For real, that is the truth.) 

*The podiatrist told me to have complete rest and stay off my foot for TWO weeks while utlizing ice and elevation.  I literally laughed.  I have four kids!  Two flights of stairs!  My husband out of town!  Sorry doctor but that is not possible.

*Violet has started saying "I'm SHOCKED" in response to almost everything anyone says to her.  That little girl requires all of my patience (and then some) but has a great sense of humor!

*Thomas started laughing after he passes gas.  Dimples included.  Super cute. (Even though it is smelly!)

So there you go.  My crazy few weeks summed up in a super long, wordy post.

Big thanks to my sisters Karen and Bonnie who helped me at the hotel, and to my mom for letting me borrow her washing machine for a couple days.  Thanks also to Travis who took nine loads of laundry (not even all of it!) to the laundry mat for me.  He was Mr. Mom for a couple days while I laid on the couch with a heating pad on my shoulder/back and ice on my foot.  I do not recommend falling down the stairs while having a painful cyst on your foot.  Not a great combo!

More later,