Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Case of Duh-Lori Strikes Again

So I decide to make homemade brownies cut into hearts for Valentine's Day.  Only I was a little pressed for time and the girls were all cranky/needy/whining so I was a little distracted.

I made the first batch with no problems and stuck them in the oven.  Realizing I needed another batch I got to work mixing the ingredients.  It came time to put the eggs in.  The carton had six eggs and I had already used two for the first batch.  I pick up an egg and crack it on the side of the bowl.  Only nothing happens.  The egg is cracked but nothing is coming out.

I was so confused. 

So I tried again and most of the shell slipped off.

Revealing a hard-boiled egg.

A hard-boiled egg? 

Apparently Travis had hard-boiled four eggs and didn't mark them or tell me so I thought they were raw.  I tried to substitute half and half for the eggs (which Google advised me to do) but the brownies were ruined.

Duh Lori!