Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gabrielson Family Christmas

We had a great time at my family's Christmas celebration in early December.  We have it at a hotel in Mason City since there are so many of us.  It was the weekend of a big snowstorm here (a blizzard, really), and we all decided to go to the hotel the night before so we could get snowed in there instead of having to cancel our Christmas.

Unfortunately, my twin sister Lisa and her family couldn't make it because of the weather.  We were all SO SAD they couldn't be there.  I really missed Lisa, Chris and my seven nieces and nephews.  It really wasn't the same without them.

My brother Kurt and his family were able to make it from Indiana and I'm very thankful for that!

We all had fun at the pool and playing games.  It was nice to spend time together and eat good food.  (My parents should hire themselves out for hotel cooking....we had a full turkey meal....like Thanksgiving)

Obligatory photos of our fun:

Grandpa and Violet

Swimming with Uncle Kurt

Travis making balloon animals for his nieces

Lily and Violet hanging out

Violet and Claire taking a break from dancing

Granny and Lily

Opening Christmas stockings

Violet has a chat with her new baby
Unfortunately a certain someone starting her terrible twos early (coughViolet cough) deleted a bunch of photos from my computer.  (While she was on my lap.  The girl is quicker than me I guess.)  So I can't share all the photos I took. 

The deleted photos can't be erased from my memory, and I will always remember what a great time we had together.

Yours sincerely,