Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

Sorry to bore you with the Christmas 2010 recap, but first and foremost this blog is my scrapbook/journal/place where I actually record what happens in our life.

Unless you are related to me.  Then I'm sure you're not bored, but happy I posted some cute pics of my girls.

Well then.

On to the happy...

We had a very relaxing Christmas Eve.  We made the decision a few years ago to try and not travel on Christmas Eve or Christmas day so we could start creating our own family traditions.  It is nice to not have to hurry and rush everywhere.

My parents had all of their kids who live in Britt (3) and our families to their house on Christmas Eve day for lunch.  They were very adorable and decorated their heated garage with Christmas lights, as small tree and a nativity scene for our little party.  The kids thought it was so fun.  We just spent some time together and had a good meal as usual.

Snuggling with Uncle "MN" on the couch

I was busy chasing Violet so I didn't get photos of anything else.

My parents headed to my twin sister Lisa's house and we headed home to open some presents.  Violet goes to bed so early that it would be hard to open some after church.

But first I attempted to take photos in front of the tree.  No one would cooperate for a group shot so I have up.

Madeline was a willing model...

Do you like my dress?

But no one was more excited than Zella (of course)...

Happy Zella

Then came Violet.  She has a mind of her own (that's French for STUBBORN) and didn't want to have her picture taken.  She wanted to open presents (and heaven help whoever stood in her way!)


I am NOT putting this box down!

Cute and stubborn

And then we moved onto presents...


Almost every gift the girls gave me made me cry.  I am turning into my mother after all!
And then Travis got a hug that was better than any present:

After the hugs we headed to Aunt Karen's for appetizers and a mini Christmas party of our own.

Having fun with cousin Grace

Cousin Lily
Then off to church.  We got ready for Santa, read "The Night Before Christmas" and headed to bed.  It was fun to see how excited the girls were. 

Right before Madeline fell asleep she asked, "Do you think I am on the NICE list?  I'm pretty nice."

To be continued...