Sunday, October 10, 2010

You Guys...

I am so excited. I just spent three hours helping Travis move into his new art studio. That he built himself. From a crappy one car garage someone gave him for free. Seriously.

It has taken YEARS to get to this point (and a lot of blood sweat and um, swearing on Trav's part(oh, and money. Because these kinds of projects always go over budget.)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First of all, did you know that Travis can make nothing into something? Or crappy into amazing? For real? I am not exaggerating.

Case in point: THIS was the garage before:

I confess that my first thought when I saw this building was,
"Um, why are we putting an old rickety garage in our back yard?

The back view.

And then I saw the inside of the building:
And I thought, "So you're going create fine art in this thing?"
 Of course, I kept those comments to myself.  Because this guy:

A guy who always has a master plan.
Well, that guy can do anything.  And he sees potential in things others don't.  I sometimes get frustrated by this quality (i.e. keeping of what I see as junk for future projects), but usually he amazes me.

Check out how LITTLE the girls are when we got this garage.
Zella is on the left still in her tiny glasses, then cousin Grace and Madeline.
With Granny, of course.
It has taken a long time, but it was worth the wait.  It's not completely finished, but here is an after (for now) of the outside of the building.

Wait until you see the inside.  You will be amazed. 
I am too tired to go take pictures.  I'll probably wait until we get the rest moved in.

I'm so happy he will finally have this space for his own.  Oh, and now I get the room that housed all this stuff in our house.  So I'm happy for me too,  Win, win, right?

Yours sincerely,
P.s. forgive the formatting issues.  It is 2 a.m. and I am too tired to figure out why I can't fix it.


QuinceyB. said...

This is WAY awesome! I showed my husband too, he likes it! I'm trying to encourage him to make a space of his own for all of his projects.