Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday is back! And only two of my relatives told me how dorky I was so I figure the rest of you have learned to accept that I am: 1. dorky, 2. Don't care if people think I'm dorky.

Okay, moving on.

* I am a fraternal twin. My twin Lisa and I were generally referred to as "the twins" when I was a kid. We often refer to each other as "Twink" or "Twinkie".

* I am horrible at mowing the lawn. I actually haven't mowed the lawn in 9 years. When I was a kid we had a weeping willow tree on the farm. I mowed under it and one of the long branches got sucked in the blade. There was a fork in the branch and it got caught around my neck. I was on a riding lawn mower (being choked by a tree branch) and couldn't reach the brake pedal. Totally freaked me out. I also ran into the barn and swing set slide with the riding lawn mower. My dad never let me mow again.

* You know how they say that women love shoes and purses? Well my husband tends to "collect" three things: baseball hats, coats and pens. I'm not sure he realizes this, but I do every time I try to clean out the closet.

*Travis and I have been to 48 states. (As truck drivers we went to every state but Hawaii (obviously) Alaska and Maine.) We did go to Maine on vacation for our first anniversary.

* Madeline never used a blankie, pacifier or sucked her thumb. Instead she twirled her hair (once if finally grew!). Sometimes she twirls it so much in her sleep that her finger gets stuck in it and I have to try to retract it without waking her up.

* I use way to many parenthesis. Case in point: scroll up to the fourth fun fact...I used a parenthesis inside of a parenthesis. Sadly there is nothing that can be done about this.

More later,


theyoungfamily said...

I like Fun Fact Friday. Hope all is well, tell Trav I said Hi!


Lori said...

Thanks Neal, at least someone does. :) Let us know when you visit home. Hopefully we can get together.