Friday, June 13, 2008

What a Long Week

We had a long and tiring week. We (and by we I mean Travis) spent quite a bit of time pumping 3 feet of water out of the crawl space in our basement. Luckily we only had a couple inches in the rest of the (unfinished) basement.

My laundry room is down there and lots of stuff (and by stuff I mean endless tubs of baby clothes, lots of baby related items and of course lots and lots of Trav's art supplies).

Side note: if you are married to an artist then you may know what I am talking about! The guy sees potential in everything and likes to keep random objects "just in case" he can make something with it someday.

Family came to the rescue once again! THANKS FAMILY! My mom helped us go through the stuff in the basement and get rid of quite a bit of it, Aunt Gayle, Uncle Louie, cousins Sarah and Kim watched the girls so we could work downstairs for five hours. We got a lot done and if the rain stays away we should be alright.

This photo is of our backyard after the first heavy rain. After the second day of heavy rain four of the landscaping timbers around our swingset were floating in the yard along with some mulch.

Part of our backyard looked like a swimming hole. Travis has been doing a lot of work in the yard and it was frustrating to see it in such disarray. But compared to all of the flooding in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and elsewhere in Iowa we are LUCKY to be putting up with these minor inconveniences. Our prayers go out to those who are dealing with flooding.

We also spent part of last weekend in the basement listening to the tornado sirens go off. Scary! The girls didn't know what to think of sitting in a basement full of water. Travis was replacing the outside door to his art studio the sirens went off. It was a little stressful to have the door off the frame with high winds and a possible tornado headed our way. Everything was okay thankfully.

And now our little Madeline is sick. I took her to the doctor this morning and they're trying to figure out if it's a kidney infection or just a virus. They ran some tests and we'll find out tomorrow. Poor girl is not feeling well at all. She is napping as I type this (and Madeline has RARELY napped since she's been 18 months old) so I know she is really sick.

We were supposed to go to see Trav's family for his cousins wedding this weekend but can't go now that Madeline is sick. Bummer.

Enough of my randomness.
More later,