Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whispers and Wishes

Madeline and I were snuggling on the couch today and I was holding her. She loves to whisper so I thought I'd tell her a couple "secrets".

Here's what happened:

Me: (whispering in her ear) You're my special girl!

Her: Sounds good.

Me: (whispering in her ear) I love you so much!

Her: I have a wish.

Me: Oh? What is it?

Her: (whispering in MY ear) I wish you'd stop whispering in my ear so I can read my book in peace and quiet.

She was so serious when she said it I couldn't help but laugh.


Allison Sindlinger said...

Hi Lori!! Tell BOnnie Bon-Bon Congrats!! Wholley COW that's a big baby--especially for her FIRST!! Youch! Tell everyone hi and to keep in touch!! Have a great day ;-)