Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Hello all. I just wanted to wish my dad a Happy 60th Birthday (yesterday)! And my twin nieces turn 5 today. :)

There are many people we love who have Feb. birthdays...
My best friend Jen and her little girl Addison, little sis Bonnie, brother-in-law to be, Bubba, my twin sis Lisa, Dad, nieces Maggie & Malorie, great Auntie Dort, Travis (this Wed.)and of course our dog Josie.

So Happy Birthday to you all. No wonder Feb. is my favorite month. :)

We went to Milo this weekend and had a great time. We had a bridal shower for cousin Stephanie which was a lot of fun. There were a lot of family members we haven't got to see in awhile so that was great. Plus there was cake so I was happy. :)

Travis went to the boating and fishing show with his Uncle Rick and cousin Jeremey and they had fun. The girls were ecstatic to see Grandma "Marker" (the random nickname Madeline made up for her) and play with cousin Katelyn.

Trav also helped his sister Carrie move and we were happy we were there to help her with that.

And somehow against all odds there was very minimal crying in the car. And no puking. It's a miracle! (Did I mention that both the girls dislike riding in the car and are OFTEN car sick?) Madeline was a tropper and took the yucky tasting dramamine medicine which has been doing wonders.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

More later,