Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Zella Lynne!

Our baby turns one today! It's hard to believe she is already a year old. Time has gone so fast.

Zella is an absolute joy and we are so thankful she is part of our family. She greets the world each day with a smile and a squeal. She is very easy going unless Madeline takes a toy away (then watch out!! She doesn't back down!) or if she's hungry and waiting on mama to bring her food.

She is walking everywhere (took her first steps at 9 mo. and is practically running now). She loves to "read" books by herself and is obsessed with our Christmas tree.

She jabbers constantly. Hmm...wonder where she gets that from? :) She loves to point at the Christmas tree and say "Look at that." In fact, she has said 9 new words in the past 4 days. She now says 25 words. If I don't answer to mama she calls me Lori. That usually gets my attention! She also likes to say please and thank you. It's hilarious.

Okay, enough bragging.

Besides her normal fast-paced development she has dealt with her vision problems/glasses in stride. We go back to her pediatric opthamologist on Jan. 10th and will learn if she needs surgery or not. Her eye alignment and vision has improved greatly with glasses although she does not use her eyes together with her glasses off. She still picks one eye to look out of and shuts vision off to the other. She has had her glasses for 5 months already. She pulls them off now more than ever but I just keep putting them back on. We are anxious for the eye appointment to get more information.

Madeline, Zella and I are going to McDonald's PlayPlace for lunch, then to the store for a balloon and other decorations for her party with Grandma. We are having a small party with Aunt Gayle, Uncle Louie, Cousin Sarah and Jayson at our house tonight (mom and dad are in Scotland so they can't come). Then we are headed to Milo when Travis gets off work on Saturday. We're having a party for Zee on Sunday and will celebrate Christmas with Trav's family on New Year's Eve. We are excited!

I'll post pictures when we return.

We are so blessed with this beautiful child. Happy Birthday Zee!


The Gabrielson's said...

Tell her we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we love her. KG