Monday, October 22, 2007

Hooray for poop!

Hello all. We had an exhausting weekend. I had the flu Friday and Saturday. Poor Travis was left to not only take care of the girls, but deal with potty training Madeline. After getting peed on three times he made the executive decision to start using pull-ups. (I'm happy to report Madeline only had one accident today AND pooped on the potty! I have never been so excited about poop in my life. You'd think we'd won the lottery!)

I was feeling better Sunday but Travis was not. He went to bed early tonight and is trying to sleep it off.

Today I had to take Madeline to the doctor (again!) for a rash around her eye and a different rash on her legs. I am hoping the new medicine will work. (Three doctor visits and $105 so far) The girls were very good for the appointment luckily. Madeline got to wear her pink tutu from Aunt B so she was happy. She danced in the waiting room and kept saying "ta-da". We may have a performer on our hands. ha ha

There is a coffee/lunch shop attached to the pharmacy so while we were waiting for the prescriptions we ate lunch. We had fun and ran into a few friends...Becky Nielsen, Dawn Doughan, Tatum (Doughan) Hartman, her little girl Meya and Shannon Hasty. That's how you know I'm in a small town. :)

My niece Katelyn (Trav's sister Carrie's little girl) is having her tonsils removed on Wednesday so keep her in your prayers please.

Nothing much else is new. Hope all is well.

More later,


The Gabrielson's said...

When Maddy poops does she say "ta-da"? That is the question. Great talking to you on the phone. Hope everyone feels better soon. KG

farmsrus said...

Hey Lori--I feel very special to have been mentioned in your blog! It was fun to see you and the girls. Hope Maddy's rash is better. Maybe we can meet for lunch some day! Becky