Friday, October 19, 2007

Big milestones!

What an exciting day. Zella took her first steps Thursday! It was so exciting. She was in the toy room "talking" with Granny. She took two steps and then fell. She took a step to me a couple times a little later. Travis hasn't got to see her do it yet unfortunately.

All day long she was standing for longer and longer periods of time. I thought she might be walking in a month or so but she decided to go for it today at 9 months old! I guess I will be chasing her around even more now. :)

Madeline had a big day also. She asked to wear her big girl panties and go potty on the toilet. (We were going to start Saturday and she heard me talking with my cousin about it.) She came up to me a half hour after announcing "no more diapers for me" and asked to go potty. She only had one accident today! What a big girl. I'm so proud. ;) She got to wear a pull up with a princess on it to bed and she was excited. Otherwise we are just using underwear and training pants so wish me luck with the laundry. ha ha

Tootsie rolls and stickers work wonders I tell ya. :)

Having only one kid in diapers will be like getting a raise. That is until we have another baby of course.

The girls have been really funny lately. A couple days ago we were eating supper and Madeline leaned towards Travis and said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" We were laughing and Zella then yelled out "Hola!" What a riot.

Zella can now say hi, uh-oh, mama, da da, mommy, snack and hola. I didn't know she could say hola until she yelled it.

Madeline also learned how to do a somersault. She is rolling all over the place now and even wanted to do one at the grocery store. I'll try to post video if I can figure out how to do it.

I'm especially missing my sister Karen (who is in Scotland) because I have no way to call her and tell her all the exciting news. I hope you are seeing this kk!

Hope all is well.
Love, Lori